Make a Sophisticated Statement in your home through elevated lighting and controls

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Thoughtful design & Precise INstallations

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The first step to an excellent lighting system is knowing what’s possible. Work with our design team to realize the potential of your home’s unique spaces.

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Every great piece of art holds hints of inspiration from things created before it. Explore our current designs and bring your vision to light.

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Discover a home lighting solution that compliments your style. Use lighting and controls to make a statement and give your home a final touch of finesse.

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It should be as custom as your house itself—curated to your unique space and highlighting the features throughout your home. When designed innovatively and installed with precision, the proper lighting can remarkably impact your home and life.

Your home's lighting should tell a story

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Since 1979, we’ve worked alongside homeowners across the Vail Valley with innovative and elegant lighting solutions.

We look at your home as a whole—pushing the envelope on standard lighting and creating a cohesive and evenly lit atmosphere. From the initial design phase to post-project aftercare, we follow through until every square foot of your home is elegantly illuminated.

Our Story

"Over the last 10 years White River Electric has built 4 unique private residences for me in the Vail Valley. They do an incredible job in every phase of the project including design, lighting layout, control systems and fixture selection. Their quality of work and attention to detail is outstanding."

Toby S.

Lighting isn't only about brightening a dark space.


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The right lighting makes a bold and sophisticated statement without being a distraction. It should be both dramatic and delicate. The light source should be a seamless integration, never stealing attention from the distinguished spaces or features it showcases.

Make a Statement

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Draw attention to your home’s details and art while achieving a relaxed ambiance. Create aesthetic accents with cove lighting, backlighting, art lighting, and natural light with innovative shading techniques. When entertaining guests, let your home’s lighting create a fun and relaxing environment, contributing to inspiring ideas and lively conversation.

Highlight the details

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We will guide you to leading-edge options for your home and lifestyle goals. Our bodies operate by a natural circadian rhythm, and we can curate the light in our homes to complement that cadence, improving our sleep, moods, and focus. Wake reenergized, restore concentration, and increase productivity with carefully selected lighting technology and mindful placements.

Improve sleep and productivity

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Your home is a piece of art. Make a sophisticated statement through intelligent lighting installed with precision. Our team can help refine your vision and bring it to light.

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