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We use innovative lighting technology to mimic natural lighting and its benefits for our mental and physical health. Our dedicated team considers every goal for your space while designing and installing a complete lighting system curated for your custom home.

At White River Electric, we put light back in its rightful place, where it’s most conducive to rest, creativity, and progress.

While some lighting developments have been helpful, others have hijacked our natural inclinations toward rest and progress. Improper lighting interrupts our concentration and damages our eyesight. Before the lightbulb, the average person slept eleven hours a night. Today that number is less than seven. While electrical lighting affords us more working hours, we believe the right lighting makes all the difference in productivity.

In 1979, White River Electric was founded exactly one century after the lightbulb shifted history. We continue writing that history today through innovative lighting solutions.

Lighting has come a long way since Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb in 1879.

Your time is valuable, and we aim to honor it. Not every project is a perfect fit for White River Electric.

Upon receiving your contact form submission or design request, we’ll confirm receipt and review your project to discern whether it is an appropriate fit for White River Electric, making the most efficient use of your schedule.

To help you determine whether White River Electric is a good fit for your project, consider these services we provide:

Our services

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Even top-of-the-line products and installation need tending to on occasion. Whether a fixture needs replacing or you decide to upgrade your lighting or controls, save time by using our Client Portal to submit service requests. Our expert technicians, trained in every area of installation and repair, will address your request efficiently and effectively.

Service and repairs

Your lighting concept extends beyond fixtures. To create the impact and ambiance you envision, we provide a full line of Lutron controls, lighting, and motorized shades.

Lighting Controls

It can be overwhelming having different teams working on the same project. Rest assured that we will collaborate with your design team, working with them to bring your lighting concepts to reality with a consistent and cohesive design that compliments your whole home and property.

Design Services

Your design is not too big or too complicated for us. We specialize in elegant lighting solutions, and we cut no corners to guarantee your electrical, controls, and lighting system is of the highest quality.

High-end Residential Home Electrical and Lighting Systems

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Achieve the perfect lighting in your home

Creative Lighting Options

Add unique features and points of interest throughout your home with sophisticated backlighting techniques. Installed in ceiling panels, within decorative walls, and behind furniture, backlighting achieves a graceful balance of light throughout a room.

Create a Calm Atmosphere with Backlighting

Don’t let shadows obscure the intricate details of your home. Instead, illuminate corners, showcase bookshelves, and turn a drab corner into a cozy and creative space with delicate and sophisticated accent lighting.

Highlight Home Features With Accent Lighting

Art, like your home, is one-of-a-kind. As an artist creates a piece, each brushstroke is carefully thought out. Give the same attention to detail when illuminating a work of art on your wall. With carefully installed art lighting, the walls in your home will make a bold statement and share an inspiring narrative.

Let Art Lighting Tell a Story

Electricity is not the only way to brilliantly light a home. Natural lighting lends ambiance and energy to a space. Use innovative shading techniques controlled by dimming controls on your smartphone to filter in the perfect amount of natural light to compliment your home throughout the day.

Employ Natural Lighting Through Automatic Shading Systems

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Please contact us with any questions, or if you are an existing client, use our Client Portal to submit a service request.

If a service call repair can be resolved in one hour, you can expect to pay the minimum service fee of $140. When a service call requires several hours, it is charged at a Journeyman hourly rate of $105. When two team members are necessary for a repair call, it is generally set at a Journeyman rate combined with a Wireman or Apprentice rate. Design work and lighting control repair requires a Master Electrician and is charged at the corresponding hourly rate.

What might a repair service cost?


Apprentice Electrician






Master Electrician 2


Master Electrician 1


Owner Meetings 


Low Volt / Wireless Systems


Control System / Programming / Repair


Design / Drafting Services


Service Call Minimum

An essential element of a successful project is proper planning. We want to help you anticipate your investment in a way that makes sense for your goals and budget. The following are our hourly rates and repair cost examples.


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Your home is a piece of art. Make a sophisticated statement through intelligent lighting installed with precision. Our team can help refine your vision and bring it to light.

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