Envision Your Project From Start to Finish

Process Guide

We focus on making your project manageable and exciting by helping you envision the process from start to finish. Every home and project is unique, but this is how you can typically expect a home lighting design and installation project to progress.

Step 01: Initial Review & Consultations

THe Process

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Upon receiving your contact form submission or design request, we’ll confirm receipt and review your project to discern whether it is an appropriate fit for White River Electric. We might contact you with questions concerning your project to more accurately determine the scope and requirements and better understand your goals.

Initial REview

There are specific details that help us create a smoother and more efficient process for you in this initial phase. Consider including the following information:
  • Lighting specifications.

  • Lighting controls.

  • Construction schedule if this is a new build or if you are having other work performed on your home. This includes mechanical and appliance schedules.

  • Bidding deadline or when you are looking to have all bids received.
At this point, we will notify you either way if we believe this to be a good fit for White River Electric or if we can refer you to another organization.

Step 01: Initial Review & Consultations

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If we know we can make your project a success, we will call you to set up a follow-up consultation. We will create a line-item budget so you can clearly understand the investment in your home lighting system and so we can answer any questions you might have. Here is where your ideas begin taking shape as we help you refine your controls and lighting system design. 

Initial Consultation

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With a complete understanding of your design goals, we will submit a detailed project scope and accompanying estimate. Upon your review, we can answer any questions, provide a further scope, and discuss additional options for your project and pricing, helping you outline your ideal lighting system.

Project & Budget Consultation

Step 02: Design & Installation

01 / 03

We will refine your project scope and deliver a revised estimate by implementing your ideas and desired options.

Design COmpletion

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Once we have the design honed to your liking and you have approved the plan, we will schedule your project for a time that is convenient for your schedule. At this point, we will conduct an on-site meeting to walk through the project and guarantee we have a comprehensive vision and can deliver precisely what you are looking for.

Design Approval & Project Scheduling

03 / 03

Now we’re ready to bring your design to life! Our expert electricians will be on-site managing your project from start to finish.


Step 3: Final Inspections & Walk-throughs

01 / 03

When your new lighting system passes its final inspection, our team will equip you to understand and use your new lighting controls with ease and convenience. 

Final Inspection and Owner Training

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We don’t consider a project complete until your expectations have been exceeded. If you have any concerns or questions, the punch list phase is where those will be addressed. We will finalize every detail and make sure your system is operating perfectly.

Finalizing Punch List Items

03 / 03

Once we have resolved every punch list item, we will conduct a final walk-through and quality check. At this time, we can schedule a follow-up inspection nine months out from the date of the project’s completion. We can also discuss any follow-up fixture care and warranty information.

Final Walk-Thru and Ongoing Care

client portal

Please contact us with any questions, or if you are an existing client, use our Client Portal to submit a service request.

If a service call repair can be resolved in one hour, you can expect to pay the minimum service fee of $140. When a service call requires several hours, it is charged at a Journeyman hourly rate of $105. When two team members are necessary for a repair call, it is generally set at a Journeyman rate combined with a Wireman or Apprentice rate. Design work and lighting control repair requires a Master Electrician and is charged at the corresponding hourly rate.

What might a repair service cost?


Apprentice Electrician






Master Electrician 2


Master Electrician 1


Owner Meetings 


Low Volt / Wireless Systems


Control System / Programming / Repair


Design / Drafting Services


Service Call Minimum

An essential element of a successful project is proper planning. We want to help you anticipate your investment in a way that makes sense for your goals and budget. The following are our hourly rates and repair cost examples.


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